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    Carcer City / @nexilva_
    End of tour photo, such an awesome time! #carcercity #ladsontour

  2. Scotland we are officially on your soil! Come and see us tonight in Aberdeen, tomorrow in Glasgow and Dundee on Thursday! #carcercity #ladsontour

  3. Sound check for today’s gig in Bolton - sounding huge! Pretty sure Karl having a little boogie at the back of the room makes this video… #carcercity

  4. It’s not too early to drink is it…? #wheninrome #wheninbolton #mondaymorningbevs #carcercity

  5. CAN WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE. Couple of replacement gigs for tonight and tomorrow’s cancelled shows!

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    Sick intimate show last night in Basingstoke! Norwich today, come hang!

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    Not all heroes wear capes…

  8. Tour with @nexilva_ starts today, make sure you come to a date! Massive respect to @ftwclothing for sorting us out some tour threads! #carcercity #skintour

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    Full MIDI controlled lighting rig now operational, fuck yes. #carcercity

  10. Painstakingly setting up the new set’s tempo track for the new fully synchronised lighting. Effort - but well worth it, come check it out on our upcoming tour with Nexilva!

    #carcercity #nexilva